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Paris Shopping Tour est la première Plateforme de Mode et de Shopping à Paris qui offre des services premiums.

Notre équipe de Fashion Expert est là pour vous offrir la meilleure expérience tout en découvrant le savoir faire Français et le Lifestyle Parisian. Nous pouvons répondre à toute demande concernant des shoppings tours et des services exclusifs à Paris.



It's Paris shopping Tour's aim to provide the best services. Exclusive services, we offer you the different and unforgettable shopping journey to discover and experience a real Paris. click here to have more information...
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Paris Shopping Tour fête ses 2 ans! 29 août 2016

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Pick up some Bargains with Paris Shopping Tour12 juillet 2016

When, an insider's guide very famous in the US, is speaking about us. Thank you for this nice words.
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Overview of our Paris Luxury Tour 23 mai 2016

Rarity, peace and intense pleasure. Here is the true definition of a Luxury Shopping Tour in Paris. Shop like a real Parisian for a day ! Book now your tour:
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Introduction of our Paris Bobo Tour 25 avril 2016

That video gives you an insight of what does a typical Bobo shopping tour look like! Have a look and book your own tour:
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刘潭, 雪妮, 四川-成都

这次是蜜月旅行也是第一次去巴黎,去之前各种搜索各种做攻略,最后发觉只能找到想要的奢侈品外还是不能深入了解巴黎当地的品牌…于是我们找到了当地的向导Diane~她是一个很阳光的女生,哈哈,是的,老桥段:金发碧眼,我很喜欢她的眼睛,看着也真是醉了,嘻嘻。 Diane带我们去了 [...]

Jiaming from Singapore

My wife was typically interested in the Bobo style so we went for the Paris Bobo Tour. It was way better than we expected! My wife loved the tiny boutiques, jewellery and the clothes they had to offer. We had special dietary needs and Paris Shopping Tour found a perfect place for lunch taking care of our needs. Thank you Paris Shopping Tour Team


巴黎于我,算不上陌生,来巴黎多次但始终觉得无法真正了解和接近。这次有了空闲,打算花上一些时间好好了解。对于热爱巴黎的时尚和美食的我来说,寻找那些原汁原味的巴黎体验是我这次最关注的。 和曾在巴黎生活多年朋友说起此行的目地,她介绍了戴安娜和Paris Shopping Tour给我。戴安娜是典型的巴黎美女,说着一口流利的英文,狮子座的她直率可爱又透了一股女王范儿。我和朋友一致决定体验一下戴安娜的巴黎购物行。 成行前,戴安娜给了我们一张简单地问卷,了解我们的兴趣和购物倾向性。对于这次购物行,我们真是非常期待。相较于从前流连于各大购物中心和大道,和来自世界各地的游客们一起shopping,我们更想了解一个不一样的巴黎,看看巴黎人究竟都在哪里shopping. Shopping [...]

Kristin from San Francisco

I had such a great time on my Paris Shopping Tour with you, thanks for such a wonderful shopping experience! It goes without saying that I never would have found such beautiful items without your guidance. I love each and every special piece of jewelry that I bought, as well as the gorgeous dress, wonderful food items, body lotion, etc. You did a fantastic job of learning about my personal style and [...]

Clementine from Manchester

I wanted a change of style and the Paris Bobo Tour caught my interest. To be honest the Tour was way better than I expected and helped me redefine my wardrobe. I made a note of the shops so I can come by when I visit Paris again. The choice of restaurant was also divine. Peace of advice if you’re really looking to shop then the half day Tour is not enough; take the Full day Tour. Thank you [...]
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