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Paris Shopping Tour est la première Plateforme de Mode et de Shopping à Paris qui offre des services premiums.

Notre équipe de Fashion Expert est là pour vous offrir la meilleure expérience tout en découvrant le savoir faire Français et le Lifestyle Parisian. Nous pouvons répondre à toute demande concernant des shoppings tours et des services exclusifs à Paris.


Paris Christmas Tour 18 novembre 2016

Paris is always a good idea but it’s an even better idea during Christmas. Fashion, gourmet, unforgettable shopping experience are all here for you. Discover and have a glamorous Christmas:
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It's Paris shopping Tour's aim to provide the best services. Exclusive services, we offer you the different and unforgettable shopping journey to discover and experience a real Paris. click here to have more information...
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Paris Shopping Tour fête ses 2 ans! 29 août 2016

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Pick up some Bargains with Paris Shopping Tour12 juillet 2016

When, an insider's guide very famous in the US, is speaking about us. Thank you for this nice words.
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Kevin from New York

My boyfriend and I took the fashion tour as we wanted to not only shop but to be able to see the difference in Parisian Fashion from New York Fashion. We ended up burning a hole in our pocket :P as we literally bought something from each shop that we went into. French trotters was our favourite shop on this tour it has such a unique collection, it's a must visit shop on the tour.

Latifa from Dubai

My shopping experience with Diane was like none other in Paris. This tour helped me avoid all the crowded streets and shops. My guide was very helpful and gave me some great advice and enlightened me on Parisian outlook of Life. The gifts and discounts were an added bonus to the trip ☺

Juan Pablo Rovira from Spain

A week ago we were in Paris. I just can say "merci beaucoup" to Diane and Paris Shopping Tour for such a unique experience. I planned a "surprise" trip for my wife. She loves fashion and trendy shops. I wrote down an email to Paris Shopping Tour explaining the surprise thing and what kind of shopping my wife would like to go in Paris. Diane was charming from the first response and [...]

Rosie from Texas

A real highlight of my time in Paris! Too easy is the habit of just shopping at brands you know. This was a chance to visit French brands and to have someone on hand give you a honest 2nd opinion. I loved every bit of the Tour!

Vanessa from Chicago

Since we weren’t staying in Paris for Christmas my girlfriends and I took the Paris Christmas Tour to feel the local atmosphere whilst we were there. We saw beautiful window displays, went through tiny alleys and discovered cute shops. Our guide also took us to a pop up store, which was so so good! We had taken the Tour just to experience Paris from a local’s perspective but ended up shopping [...]
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