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Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour




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来巴黎做什么 [第一章] - 2017 五月 14

大家都说来巴黎有很多必吃必访必做必买的事,到底有哪些呢? 就从它开始吧!

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小故事-關於巴黎旅遊購 - 2017 四月 30

Paris Shopping Tour是一群夢想家,希望能透過我們的時尚團隊,將最美好、巴黎獨特的那一面展現給來自世界各地的 [...]

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巴黎蒙馬特的悠閒午後 - 2017 三月 23

巴黎旅遊購是一群夢想家組成的團隊,我們專注於時尚、享受巴黎式的生活。 今天在帶了一天的私人行程後來到 [...]

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巴黎的春天 - 2017 三月 20

春天悄悄的來臨啦! 陽光、小花、還有巴黎三個願望一次滿足多幸福~

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巴黎2017/18秋冬時裝周 - 2017 二月 28

巴黎2017/18秋冬時裝周今日開跑啦! 時裝秀從2017年2月28日至2017年3月7日,一共82場品牌秀參與呈現2017/18秋冬時 [...]

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Kevin from New York

My boyfriend and I took the fashion tour as we wanted to not only shop but to be able to see the difference in Parisian Fashion from New York Fashion. We ended up burning a hole in our pocket :P as we literally bought something from each shop that we went into. French trotters was our favourite shop on this tour it has such a unique collection, it's a must visit shop on the tour.

Lisa from England

Our shopping trip with Garance was excellent. She was very attentive and went out of her way to help my daughter find a suitable dress for her prom and as a result she won best dressed! Lunch afterwards at L'Hotel was faultless especially as we had special dietary needs. Would say half day is not long enough much better to spend the full day.

Mia from Australia

I opted for the Paris Bobo Tour which seemed to be a perfect fit for me. Diane was not only my guide she acted as my personal stylist and helped me pick quite a lot of stuff from jewellery to dresses to scarfs . I loved this shop called Chine Machine because it had a lot of Retro stuff for affordable prices. After shopping we went for a glass of wine where I learned more about the Parisian Women. The [...]


一周前我们在巴黎,所有句子都不足以表达我对Diane的感谢以及巴黎购物游,你们给了我一个非常特别的经验。我计画了一个「惊喜」给我的太太,她对时尚及流行的商店特别有兴趣,我写了一封信给巴黎购物游,解释我想准备什么样的旅行给我的妻子并告诉他们我妻子的喜好。从第一个瞬间开始,Diane就非常的迷人并且细心的规划了一个完整的旅行(自上午十点半到傍晚六点),这绝对是一个难忘的经验,这次旅行我和太太都觉得仿佛是和一个朋友游走在巴黎街头。 Diane真的是一个非常专业而且美丽的响导。 Muchas [...]

Veronica from New York

I can sum up my shopping tour with Diane as a Fun and Productive experience. After completing a very small questionnaire, Diane comes up with a plan catered especially for you. I am positive that I would not have been able to find so many places within the time frame. From beginning to end, the experience was exciting and rewarding. She is very knowledgeable and extremely honest. Just [...]
«穿戴是一种生活方式。» 伊夫·圣罗兰
«法式高雅,就是气质出众、经典复古 。» 艾迪·斯理曼
«时尚首先是一种改变的艺术。» 约翰 ·加利亚诺
«女性常常过分矫饰,而缺乏高雅风范。» 可可·香奈儿
«巴黎人 随意自然,穿戴透露出不经意的时尚。他不追寻完美。他的魅力、幽默感、潇洒和敏感柔情皆来自于此。» 卢卡斯·奥桑德力维
«外省民众追随时尚,而时尚追随巴黎。» 让 ·雅克-卢梭
«一只柳条编织包好过假冒名牌包。假冒就是反创造。» 巴黎时尚名媛Inès de Fressange
«有一双鞋足矣,但要是最美的那一双。» 巴黎时尚名媛Inès de Fressange
«只有服装才是时尚。» 香奈儿首席设计师Karl Lagarfeld
«没有穿在身上的时尚,就算不上时尚。» 可可·香奈儿
«时尚将过时,风格从不会。» 可可·香奈儿
«时尚正是我们的衣装。过时的则是他人的衣装。» 奥斯卡·王尔德