Paris Shopping Tour
Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour Paris Shopping tour




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White Bird Boutique


【圣诞假期】跟我们一起深度游巴黎! - 2017 十一月 30

圣诞节在巴黎吗? 快预定巴黎旅游购的圣诞特别行程! 体验最道地的巴黎,与巴黎人互动! 为旅途留下最完 [...]

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巴黎|道地咖啡店口袋名单,无私分享 - 2017 十月 25

在巴黎,除了花神咖啡Café de Flore,双叟咖啡Cafe Les Deux Magots或者是双风车咖啡厅Cafe Des Deux Moulins,这种超高 [...]

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博物馆 Yves Saint Laurent 开放参观 - 2017 十月 03

博物馆 Yves Saint Laurent YSL 博物馆于10月3日开幕了! YSL巴黎博物馆设在历史悠久的5号Avenue Marceau 的私人豪 [...]

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有奖征答! 免费体验巴黎旅游购的专属行程 - 2017 九月 21

想体验巴黎人生活吗?想知道巴黎人都去哪里逛街?买些什么吗? 现在有机会获得免费的一次巴黎旅游购的专属购物 [...]

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巴黎女装周 春夏 2018 - 2017 九月 19

巴黎女装周 春夏 2018 日期: 2017年9月5号 - 2017年10月3号 下图为时装周的行程表,不要错过啰!

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Lisa from England

Our shopping trip with Garance was excellent. She was very attentive and went out of her way to help my daughter find a suitable dress for her prom and as a result she won best dressed! Lunch afterwards at L'Hotel was faultless especially as we had special dietary needs. Would say half day is not long enough much better to spend the full day.

jessica from Chicago

Our shopping tour with Aude was Fabulous, we couldn’t have asked for more. She really took care of our personal style and gave it a French spin. The photographer accompanied us and took some candid shots which I will be framing :) We also learned about French Fashion, few tips along the way and to top it off we ended the day in a Wine bar, which till day has been the best French wine I’ve [...]

Hayley From Miami

We loved our day on the shopping tour!! Best way to shop Paris!! She knows everything. We saw great shops we would never have found on our own! I highly recommend the tour!! Can't wait to do it again!!

Amparo from the states

From the moment I met Diane I knew it was going to be a great experience.. She is excellent at assessing what design is perfect for you.. Her experience and style were so much appreciated as we visited many shops and boutiques. Thank you so much for making the entire day the most memorable experience!
«穿戴是一种生活方式。» 伊夫·圣罗兰
«法式高雅,就是气质出众、经典复古 。» 艾迪·斯理曼
«时尚首先是一种改变的艺术。» 约翰 ·加利亚诺
«女性常常过分矫饰,而缺乏高雅风范。» 可可·香奈儿
«巴黎人 随意自然,穿戴透露出不经意的时尚。他不追寻完美。他的魅力、幽默感、潇洒和敏感柔情皆来自于此。» 卢卡斯·奥桑德力维
«外省民众追随时尚,而时尚追随巴黎。» 让 ·雅克-卢梭
«一只柳条编织包好过假冒名牌包。假冒就是反创造。» 巴黎时尚名媛Inès de Fressange
«有一双鞋足矣,但要是最美的那一双。» 巴黎时尚名媛Inès de Fressange
«只有服装才是时尚。» 香奈儿首席设计师Karl Lagarfeld
«没有穿在身上的时尚,就算不上时尚。» 可可·香奈儿
«时尚将过时,风格从不会。» 可可·香奈儿
«时尚正是我们的衣装。过时的则是他人的衣装。» 奥斯卡·王尔德