Paris Shopping Tour



30 三月 2017

Monica From USA

We arranged for a shopping day with Diane since we were traveling with college
aged girls who love to shop!! Diane navigated us through the beautiful, unique shopping
areas of Paris until we found what we were looking for!! I would have never found any of these stores on my own. I absolutely love everything we purchased and now months later wish we had purchased more. She is easy to work with, very accommodating, professional and we never once felt pressured to buy anything. It was such a wonderful afternoon and wish I had done this on my previous trips to Paris since shopping here can be overwhelming!!!
way to accomplish a successful shopping day in

08 三月 2017


过年期间和朋友一起到巴黎旅行,决定参加这个看起来很可爱的Paris Bobo行程。虽然一开始讨论的时候我们并没有要求翻译,但当天走行程的时候还是有一个中文翻译同行,觉得很贴心。行程的安排上面都到一些自己经过不会特别注意的巴黎小店,每个都非常的有特色也很符合我们期待的风格,整趟旅程时间过的很快很丰富,朋友也说下次如果再来巴黎还会想要再来找Diane同游。

04 二月 2017

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