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Paris Shopping Tour is the first premium fashion concierge in Paris

Our fashion experts offer a new way to experience shopping and live fashion in Paris with our exclusive services and customized shopping tours.


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The Story of Paris Shopping Tour30 April 2017

Paris Shopping Tour is a group of dreamers who aims to share the unique of Paris to our VIP traveler from all over the world. Today we want to tell you a small story about us and the beauty of Opéra Paris. Hope you will enjoy the small story tour here :")
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Have a walk in Montmartre23 March 2017

Paris Shopping Tour is a group of dreamers who are specialised in fashion and enjoy Parisian lifestyle. Today we went to one of our favorite districts - Montmartre and we want to share the beauty of Paris with you through this short video. Hope you enjoy it!! Have questions about our products? Talk to us!
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Spring in Paris20 March 2017

Have you felt the spring is coming? It's time to enjoy sun, flower, and Paris. How about 3 wishes achieve at once? ❤
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PARIS FASHION WEEK / FALL WINTER 2017 201828 February 2017

Paris Fashion Week starts today! With 82 shows scheduled in the official calendar, the fashion week starts from the 2nd February 2017 till the 7th March 2017. Presending the Paris Fashion Week® 2017/18 Fall Winter Ready-to-Wear collections.
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Paris Christmas Tour 18 November 2016

Paris is always a good idea but it’s an even better idea during Christmas. Fashion, gourmet, unforgettable shopping experience are all here for you. Discover and have a glamorous Christmas:
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翁洁真 / 于洋

消费体验:趁法网期间来巴黎旅游,除了去罗兰加洛斯看法网,我们在5月30日下午在 “私奔去巴黎” 推荐下参加了“PARIS SHOPPING TOUR”,感受很有意思的;在美丽的法国当地“导游”--丽丽小姐推荐下去了在3-4区的9家有特色商店,有服装、饰品、护肤品、果酱等包含吃穿用,收获也颇 [...]


我是第二次来巴黎了,经朋友推荐,有一天的行程选择了跟随“巴黎购物游”进行体验。我一见到Diane,就知道这将是一次难忘的旅行,因为我在中国的时候就一直想,如果有一个巴黎当地的美女给我这次特别的旅途当导游,那是多么浪漫的事情。整个行程中,美丽的Diane非常热情的和我用英文交流 [...]

Rachel from New York

I picked the “Paris Vintage Tour” because I wanted classic pieces as I’ve always admired the Old Parisian Elegance. Diane was my guide and she was so very friendly and took care of me very well. I discovered wonderful shops and ended up spending more than I wanted :D this particular shop I forgot the name has classic pieces from Luxury brands for wonderful prices I got few pieces [...]

Mariela from New-York

There is no better way to spend a Girls Trip Shopping day in Paris than with Diane. She carefully crafted two days of small, unique Parisian boutiques with truly one-of- a-kind finds that we all loved. Diane is very friendly and a great listener. She cared that we had a great experience and made sure that everyone in our group found some special pieces to bring back. Every store she took us to was [...]

Sandra from Colorado

Had so much fun with Diane! Really enjoyed her thoughtfulness and great fashion insight.
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