The Concept

Paris Shopping Tour, which is the first premium fashion and shopping concierge in Paris, began as a private trip advisor specialised in fashion. The brand was founded in August 2014 by Diane Lepicard, who is a young entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast.

The story starts at the time Diane studied in EFAP (École de Communication Paris). She visited the greatest capitals all around the world such as New York, Milan, and London, where she always wants to immerge into different cultures,discover the fashion from cities. But most of the time, the information brings her to touristic places that are difficult to meet locals.

After back to Paris, an afternoon in a secret Parisian café with her cousin who works in a fashion magazine, he talked about receiving calls from foreigners that wish to have local stylists help them to discover French fashion while visiting Paris. The conversation brings her back the feeling of traveling periods and lights up her passion of sharing the best part of Paris to visitors who are fascinated to fashion world.

With the knowledge of savoir-faire of fashion world and a natural talent of French lifestyle, Diane leads the team to provide unique experiences through private shopping tours and exclusive services.

Paris Shopping Tour is here to offer a new demand: how to discover fashion and experience shopping in Paris differently.