Dorina From Manchester

Fabulous morning of shopping with Diane, we had such a great day, we would never have discovered those amazing boutiques without you and thank you for helping us choose the rights things. Wonderful!!

28 avril 2016

Mariela from New-York

There is no better way to spend a Girls Trip Shopping day in Paris than with Diane. She carefully crafted two days of small, unique Parisian boutiques with truly one-of- a-kind finds that we all loved. Diane is very friendly and a great listener. She cared that we had a great experience and made sure that everyone in our group found some special pieces to bring back. Every store she took us to was special and had something different to offer. Diane also gave us amazing recommendations for dinner places and even made reservations for us. We also loved that she didn't put any pressure on us to spend any amount of money but rather focused her attention in making sure that we were enjoying the day and making well thought out purchases. We look forward to spending a day with her the next time we are in Paris!

23 avril 2016

Tyler from San Francisco

I being a photographer wanted a taste of local Parisian fashion trends. The Paris Fashion Week Tour gave me just that most the boutiques in this Tour were from upcoming designers who had a lot to offer. This Tour gave me a great point of view and inspiration and I also bought some cool pieces to wear at home.

19 janvier 2016

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