Kathleen from Beveren

The weeks before our tour, I had a very good contact with Diane Lepicard, the owner of Paris Shopping Tour. As she wanted to get to know us a bit better, we had to fill in a questionnaire in which we had to answers questions about our favorite brands and styles and of course we could mention the maximum budget we wanted to spend. That way, she could adjust the tour on our wishes.

So after a stroll in the Marais and lunch at Kong’s (of which you can read more in a later travel post!), my sister Cindy, my daughter Charlotte and I met up with Alexandra, one of the fashion experts of Paris Shopping Tour.

Alexandra was very friendly and very knowledgeable about fashion and she took us to different boutiques in a neighbourhood of Paris which was new to us: Rue Saint-Etienne Marcel and surrounding streets. This neighbourhood definitely wasn’t overloaded with tourists which was really nice for a change!!

We visited several beautiful boutiques in which we were given tips by Alexandra and the shop assistants, but we never ever felt obliged to buy stuff (of which I was a bit afraid of at first).

After the tour, I was contacted again by Diane as she wanted to know of course how I had experienced the tour. Again, the contact was really nice and smooth.

09 septembre 2017

Meg from Minnesota

Our shopping with Diane connected us to Paris in a way no paper guide could. Diane had pre-arranged clothing to be pulled for us in stores we would have never found on our own which were a match for our style preferences and body shapes. A+. I'm so happy we decided to book Paris Shopping Tours.

31 août 2017

Gloria from New jersey

I had a great time on my VIP shopping tour. The guide introduced me to some designers I never would have known, and I walked away with some amazing deals; she makes the experience fun and interesting and I loved getting behind the scenes.

25 août 2017

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