I had a wonderful and amazing tour experience with Paris Shopping Tour!! 

06 juillet 2017

Jody from New Jersey

Paris Shopping Tour - personal shopping, maximized 

Although I had been to Paris a few times over the years, I had only shopped in the well-known department stores -- Galleries Lafayette, La Samaritaine. They are very nice, but I longed to visit the little boutiques I had read about in travel magazines, hidden away on the side streets of Paris. But how to find them? And when I did, would the clothes appeal to a 60ish American woman? And would they fit someone not built like a pencil!
So prior to an upcoming trip to Paris with a friend, I explored the recommendations on Tripadvisor, and emailed Diane Lepicard of Paris Shopping Tour. She was very responsive. As part of the communication process, she sent us an evaluation form, an extensive questionnaire that explored our interests, concerns, and budgets. I was honest that this would be a splurge for us, and was firm that we wanted clothes that we wouldn't find in Macys and Nordstroms. Based on our replies, she recommended that we concentrate our three-hour tour in the Marais neighborhood.
We met Diane as planned, and began the journey. After visiting the first two stores, Diane had sensed what we were interested in (separates, accessories and SHOES!), and what we weren't (ultra-modern and edgy). Over the next three hours, we must have hit 10 shops, with Diane efficiently leading the way, and we were welcomed everywhere. I have very little French, and Diane was invaluable when it came to asking about sizes and alternatives. At the end of the tour, we bade farewell to Diane and could barely stuff all our shopping bags into the Uber. A once-in-a-lifetime experience? Maybe. Or maybe not!


28 avril 2017

Laurie from Michigan

Diane orchestrated the most amazing day of shopping. I cannot imagine shopping in Paris without her.

21 avril 2017

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