Rachel from Taipei

My friends and I planned to visit Paris during the Chinese New Year. While doing research we found the Paris Bobo on website and feel interested to it. We didn't ask for a translator from the biginning but they arranged a chiense speaking guide accompany us during the whole day trip, which it's very thoughtful. We went to so many amazing boutiques! All of them are so special and are the style we are looking for. The day pass like a wink. And my frined says she'd like to take the tour again with Diane if come back one day.

04 février 2017

Flavie from Stockholm

It is not the first time my girlfriend and I come to visit Paris. But because we only planed to stay for 3 days before attending a friend’s wedding in Singapore, we are really in rush of doing all the shopping. In the end of the day, we find the perfect wedding gift for our friend and I feel like we couldn't find a better one without Diane. Thanks.

18 janvier 2017

Alexandra from Connecticut

We arranged with Diane that she take us on a surprise, fun afternoon of shopping for my daughter's 14th birthday. Diane was punctual and organized with a winning game plan. We spent the afternoon in St. Germain shopping in many stores I would never have found on my own. Diane picked out my daughter some fabulous "fun and French" items and my daughter has been enjoying them since that day. Wonderful memories!


18 novembre 2016

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